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FREE security guides, including versions for Microsoft IIS and Apache made available from

Denver, CO May 2003., the SSL certificate security specialist, has today announced the availability of 3 FREE security guides available for viewing or download from its website

Since launching in 2001, has experienced great success in providing the small to medium size business (SMB) market with the lowest cost SSL certificates available.

The security guides cover perhaps the most comprehensive overview of the SSL technology and market available and have been written to cater for both novices, new to SSL, and the experienced developers.

Paul Tourret VP of Sales comments "There is something in the guides for everyone. There are many commercial aspects associated with the SSL market that even the most savy business owners will admit they do not understand." Tourret continued "Ask anyone why the most expensive SSL is 40 times the cost of the cheapest SSL and most will look bemused!"

The guides are titled "Everything You Need to Know About SSL and Securing Your Online Business". There are also guides that have been specifically adapted for readers who use Microsoft IIS and Apache webserver software.

The guides principally cover the basics of SSL, including how SSL certificates are generated and installed, including information about Certification Authorities. Most importantly, the guides detail a 10 step decision process to assist buyers of SSL certificates to determine which solution is best for their application and budget.

The guide indicates that the correct choice of SSL certificate is principally dependent on the application type and on whether there is a need for a well known brand of SSL, issued from a highly trusted and credible CA but readily demonstrates through detailed comparison how significant savings are available for low volume/ low transaction value, development and professional requirements and that buyers are urged to carefully consider the choices of CA before purchasing SSL.

The Microsoft IIS and Apache guide versions cover CSR generation and the installation of single root and chained root certificates, based around the SSL brands namely FreeSSL and ChainedSSL. originally launched with its FreeSSL Certificate brand and it became an instant hit within the SSL marketplace. The FreeSSL brand uniquely enabled businesses to obtain single root, 1 year fully functional and trusted SSL certificates suitable for the testing and development of online operations and e-commerce systems. The success of FreeSSL has grown over the years, predominantly due to it remaining the only real alternative to un-trusted "self signed" certificates. owns the root used to issue the certificates and developers find the single root install very straightforward.

The ChainedSSL brand provides the perfect upgrade path to the FreeSSL certificates and has been exceptionally well received by customers, resellers, ISPs and web hosting companies. Customers can migrate readily from FreeSSL to ChainedSSL when their webservers and e-commerce applications are ready for commercialization. ChainedSSL occupies a unique position in the SSL providers market. Essential factors that have made the brand a success include the fact that ChainedSSL is the lowest cost chained root certificate on the market and issuance is immediate 24/7/365. ChainedSSL has high browser ubiquity, uses industry standard 128 / 256 bit encryption, and is issued by a WebTrust compliant CA.

Excerpt from the guide:

"The Internet has been a revolution to commerce and the transfer of data in general, which has developed new global business opportunities for all, including major enterprises, small to medium sized businesses and individuals alike. Online commerce, now termed e-commerce, has inevitably however attracted crime and developed a new breed of online criminals ranging from fraudsters and hackers to cyber terrorists. The growing concern associated with conducting e-commerce has now resulted in the fact that security is an essential factor for online business success.

The market is now educated in the basics of online security and the majority of online users now expect security to be integrated into any online service they use and as a result they expect any details they provide via the Internet to remain confidential and secure.

SSL is the core security technology that protects customer's online transactions and informs users that the security of the online business is being taken seriously. SSL provides proof of a digital identity and allows online customers to visibly see that their digital transaction will be confidential. These are essential factors in gaining customer confidence and therefore improving online sales."

" quite simply offers the best deal on SSL around and our certificates are issued immediately" continues Tourret, "We will continue to deliver exceptional customer service, demonstrated by these FREE security guides and the lowest priced SSL certificates for the small and medium sized businesses available."

The free guides are available online at

About ( is an Internet security specialist, focussed on providing small/medium businesses (SMB) with strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL certificates. is dedicated to being the lowest cost provider of SSL to the entry level SMB marketplace and offers the FreeSSL and ChainedSSL certificate brands. also offers Professional Level certificates and identity assurance solutions from GeoTrust.
FreeSSL certificates remove the barrier of entry for companies wanting to test or develop their webservers or e-commerce systems by providing the only available source for single root, one-year trusted SSL certificates. ChainedSSL certificates provide the lowest cost, highly trusted chained root SSL security available for SMB websites and are ideal for low transaction value and low volume e-commerce requirements.

All certificates utilise a fully automated 2nd Generation validation and issuance platform allowing customers to uniquely obtain certificates 24/7/365 immediately. provides industry leading customer care available by telephone, email and web. can be contacted at and by telephone at US 866-795-4669 or Europe +44 203 0240906.

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